Maestia Open Beta Begins

Level increase, talent tree improvements, and Mercenary System now live
Gravity Interactive today announced the start of the open beta test for Maestia: Rise of Keledus, a fully fleshed fantasy MMORPG that is free to download and play. Players are now able to reach level 59, up from 40 and, though all past progress was wiped during the preparation for open beta, those who made it to max level during the closed beta retain their character name. To support these additional levels, two new sections of the game are now open, as well as two additional dungeons, both available as normal and expert mode.
The open beta also unveils a vastly improved talent tree for all classes. Abilities have been streamlines into three loose tiers, making it easier for players to distinguish various talent roles. Rangers will now find bow skills in their topmost tier, while daggers will be the lowermost tier, with utility abilities sandwiched between the two. Warriors will find their tanking abilities at the top, their damage abilities on the bottom, and utility through the middle.