Out of Hell 19 July 2012

They didn't get to make their own news
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1. Oberon Media has announced that it begins operating under the new trade name Iplay. The name change is part of a larger rebranding initiative that includes a new brand, logo, tagline and corporate website, reflecting the positive changes recently made within the company including: the rollout of a new technology platform, expanded game content and product offerings, and a new executive leadership team.

2. Trine 2 is on sale on Steam at 50% off during Steam's Summer Sale event. The sale also includes other Frozenbyte games - Trine, Shadowgrounds and Shadowgrounds Survivor - at 50% off, making the whole Frozenbyte Bundle only $9.99 or 7,49 euros, and the Trine franchise collection $9.99 or 7,99 euros. The sales will last until July 23rd.

3. Snorms is an isometric shooter (third person shooter in an isometric view) heavily inspired by Doom series, available on PC (Windows/Linux) and Mac. The game is now on sale on Desura and snorms.com.

4. Games industry legend Tony Goodman has announced PeopleFun, a new game company focused on high-quality games for the mobile space and other emerging platforms. Tony Goodman previously founded three companies, Ensemble Corporation, Ensemble Studios and Robot Entertainment. Other key members of the team include John Boog-Scott, co-founder of Ensemble Corporation and Ensemble Studios, Angelo Laudon, employee number one at Ensemble Studios and lead programmer on the Age of Empires engine, and Leon Campise, serial entrepreneur in the technology space.

5.Epic Games has announced that BitMonster Games will developed 3D games using Unreal Engine technology. The first title, Lili, is being created for iOS devices.