Ground Control 2 MOD SDK Lite Version

A Lite version of Ground Control 2: Operation Exodus MOD SDK (Software Development Kit) is now available for download (thanks: Blues). "This program is being provided for those users who would like a chance to create, customized, and manipulate all aspects of the powerful Ground Control II engine. While we plan to release the full version of the SDK later this year this program will still give aspiring mod-makers the ability to change unit models, props, sounds, landscapes, GUI controls, and several other features of the Ground Control II interface". Related downloads: multiplayer demo, multiplayer demo patch, patch v1.0.0.7, save game utility fix and dedicated server v1.0.0.7. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Ground Control 2 MOD SDK Lite Version (4.3 MB)
  • LEGAL NOTICE: The Lite ModSDK application ("The Application") is provided to the User "As Is" without warranty of any kind. Massive Entertainment shall not be liable to User for any damages, including but not limited to data loss, loss of goodwill, work stoppage, computer failure or malfunction, or any other losses. Massive Entertainment does not provide any customer service or technical support for the Application. These tools are part of the mod sdk for Ground Control II. * XEd the map editor * JuiceMaker the tool for modifying most of the global game data - GUI's, units etc * Showbox Imports 3d models and animations for Lightwave and outputs 3d objects for use in the game * MRBViewer a small utility for browsing game objects and textures * WinSDF a utility for creating and extracting data to/from sdf files * tc_sdfpacker a plugin for Total Commander that allows you to operate on sdf files. It is still an alpha version, which does contain bugs. Whatever tool you use, it is very important to remember that all paths must be relative to the directory containing the game, ie it must reside in subdirectories to the game directory. This includes other external programs used like Lightwave (working directory must be set to the game data directory), but also our own tools like the Showbox. What we do here at Massive is map T: to the directory of our choice and then we set all programs are to operate on T: by default. If the paths are not in order, none of the game data will be able to load once you've modified it, so it is very important to set up correctly from the start. To distribute a mod, pack all the game data that you've created/changed into one sdf file and distribute that. To start a mod, you need to start the game with -mod xxxxx, which then uses xxxxx.sdf