Planet Crashers 3D Dated and Screens/Trailer

A playful, story-driven RPG with a colorful range of characters and a massive universe to explore
UTV Ignition Games has announced that Planet Crashers 3D, a Nintendo 3DS game combining classic quest-oriented gameplay with light-hearted RPG combat, will be available tomorrow. In Planet Crashers 3D players take on the role of a young space cadet who has recently graduated from the esteemed Planet Crashers Academy and is ready to take on his or her first assignment - and it's a real doozy. Reports indicate that an unknown evil has emerged from a dark corner of the galaxy with plans to snuff out the sun. It's up to players to venture across the galaxy to prevent this unimaginable catastrophe from happening. Planet Crashers 3D will launch in early 2012.
Ten fresh screenshots and a video have been inserted in our download area.