Divina Launched and Client

New mount, mini-pet, events, and more
Gamania Digital Entertainment announced that its free-to-play 3D MMORPG Divina has gone live with a full Cash Shop available for players. New content has also been added for launch-day, including the Rescue Chicken mount, White Miluko mini-pet, new hairstyles, and more. In addition, Gamania will be hosting a double loot drop weekend as well as running a ceremonial event to kick off the 2012 Olympic Games.
Players begin the game with the land recently torn asunder by Ragnarok, triggered by the death of Yggdrasil, the World Tree. In order to save the World Tree and life as they know it, the chosen heroes must travel back in time on an epic quest to prevent Ragnarok from ever happening. They will explore the world of Divina, uncover the truth behind the war between the Gods and Demons, and eventually be faced with the ultimate decision - save themselves or save the world.
The latest game client is now locally mirrored.

Divina on PC
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