MechWarrior Online Jenner Trailer

Light and fast, the Jenner is a work of art
Infinite Game Publishing and Piranha Games have released a new movie for MechWarrior Online, offering new details about the first officially licensed free-to-play title in the long-standing and award-winning MechWarrior franchise. The Jenner JR7 is a Light, 35 ton ‘Mech with a max speed of 118 km/h. Quick, agile, and with an impressive weapons loadout of four medium lasers and a short range missile 4, the Jenner can make quick work of larger opponents. The jumpjets merely add to the flexibility of this 'Mech. While not outfitted with much in the way of armour, the Jenner lives by the motto ‘Speed is life.’ Holding still is a death sentence, thus Jenner pilots must become familiar with weaving through opponents, turning to fire at their exposed backs.
MechWarrior Online is due to be launched on August 7th, 2012.