Awesomenauts PC Version Dated and Screens

Lasers will burn, robots will scream and monkeys will fly
Released via XBLA and PSN a few months back, Awesomenauts, a multiplayer online battle arena game inspired by some of the '80s animated series, will be launched via Steam on August 1st, Ronimo Games announced. In Awesomenauts, you will pick one of the six Awesome characters and join a team of 3 Awesomenauts to duke it out on the online battlefields. You will defeat droids, turrets, other players and finally the enemy base to win.
The choice of characters ranges from a hardy cowboy that solves everything with dynamite, a mysterious floating brain that can heal allies, a spacefrog that can use dazzling breakdance moves to other, even crazier heroes. And if you need help you can just have your friends join you online. Six fresh screenshots found their way in our gallery.