Lights, Camera, Party! Dated and Screens/Trailer

The ultimate PlayStation Move party game coming next month
Releasing a trailer, Frima Studio announced that Lights, Camera, Party!, a party game with PlayStation Move support, is set to be available via PSN on August 28th (North America) and August 29th, 2012 (Europe). You and your friends will step into the shoes of the Funzinis, a family forced to compete in an array of wild game shows to win a new home after the TV station's satellite crash lands in their living room. In the primary Story mode, up to four players guide the Funzini family through five rounds, each modeled after a type of TV show (cooking, news, sci-fi, and so on) that contain up to 24 fast-paced mini games. Other modes support up to eight players and feature selections of Lights, Camera, Party!'s 50 mini-games in a variety of challenging formats.
Fourteen screenshots and a trailer have been added in our download section.