Maestia Launched and Screens

A traditional fantasy title that's both familiar yet different from other online titles
Along with these twelve screenshots, Gravity Interactive announced the commercial launch of Maestia: Rise of Keledus, a fully fleshed fantasy MMORPG that is free to download and play. Maestia's Prayer System allows players to access the main storyline without having to run from zone to zone. You can use this psychic link to the Goddess to explore a quest story rich with lore and a variety of goals. Additional quests can be found in towns, so players are still able to focus on a single zone, or move from location to location.
Also unveiled during open beta and running full steam at launch is a new style of zone, mixing PVE and PVP action. During the game day, these special zones are filled with monsters, and are open to questing, exploring, and farming materials for the crafting system. During the night hours, the zone becomes a massive PVP hub, where players can earn Divinity Points (DP), which are used to purchase high end gear. These battles are currently set to 30 vs. 30, but can be expanded to as high as 80 vs. 80.