Inquisitor English Closed Beta Begins and Screens

Dark medieval drama with maximum style and great emphasis on details
After ten years of development, three years of translations and several months of proofreading, the closed English beta of the old-school RPG game Inquisitor has started, Cinemax announced. The beta will run throughout August with the release aimed for this autumn.
Inquisitor brings you, a medieval inquisitor, to a gloomy world full of heresy, betrayal and devilish plots. You will hunt for perpetrators of the most atrocious crimes and you will meet a lot of cunning enemies. You will find yourself in the midst of a powerful conspiracy striving to destroy even the foundations of the thousand-year old Empire. As one of the three main characters you will explore all the mysteries of this depressing world and gain reputation of a fearless inquisitor and a witch hunter. You will carry out dozens of secondary quests and develop your potential in order to face the more powerful and dangerous enemies and challenges.
A large set of screenshots has been inserted in our galery.