Shadow Remnants Announced

An epic adventure that brings back the genre of tactical RPGs
In the works at Shorebound Studios, Shadow Remnants is a turn-based tactical role-playing game for the PC. As you travel through the vast country of Avatia, you will battle against the tides of corruption to uncover an ancient power with a dreadful secret. Using the wide range of character classes at your disposal, you will assemble a band of followers to aid you in battle.
The game features 13 unique classes which become available through a tree-style unlock system to allow maximum player customization and a wide range of party compositions. It also offers 2 skill trees for each class, a crafting system that allows you to use raw materials obtained in battle to forge new gear, online multiplayer where you can take your party head-to-head against other players and compete for rare crafting materials and rankings, epic boss battles, and many more.
A Kickstarter campaign is now underway - visit this page for details.