Shadowrun Online Adds Linux and Ouya Support and Trailer

The Kickstarter project for Shadowrun Online adds new platforms to its cross-platform roster
With existing support for iOS and Android tablets as well as PC/Mac platforms, Shadowrun will support Linux and Ouya, the new Kickstarter-backed Android-based console, Cliffhanger Productions announced. The Kickstarter campaign for Shadowrun Online has already garnered support from diverse sources such as actress and geek gamer extraordinaire Felicia Day and Firefly, Buffy, Angel and 24 actor Jeff Ricketts, as well as Wired magazine's GeekDad and
We have a new video providing specifics about in-game missions, including security alarm status levels for stealth and infiltration tactics, the action and combat system, and how Cliffhanger intends to blend a turn-based game with fluid action in multiplayer gaming.