PAYDAY: The Heist Wolfpack DLC Released on PSN in Europe

Includes new weapons and crewmembers to ensure the job goes smoothly
Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) and OVERKILL Software have announced that Wolfpack, the first PSN downloadable content for PAYDAY: The Heist, is now available across Europe. Wolfpack features two never-before-seen epic heists: Undercover and Counterfeit. The Undercover heist forces players to drive away the pesky police interrupting a back alley deal, while the Counterfeit heist pressures players to use silenced weapons to keep whistle-blowing civilians from escaping an underground money printing gig.
Wolfpack also offers new weapons (auto handgun, assault rifle, grenade launcher, and deployable sentry gun), the Technician (a techno-sociopath using the sentry-gun and tool kit), all-new Trophies and a raised level cap.
Wolfpack will launch in North America next Tuesday, August 7th.