Medal of Honor: Warfighter Features Linkin Park's Castle of Glass Song and Trailers

Linkin Park's upcoming Castle of Glass video to showcase dramatic themes and authentic action, Mike Shinoda to contribute to in-game score
Releasing a pair of videos, Electronic Arts also announced that Linkin Park's co-producer and co-lead vocalist Mike Shinoda has composed original in-game scores for Medal of Honor: Warfighter, a game which follows the 2010 Medal of Honor reboot that moved the series out of World War II into war-torn Afghanistan and introduced the U.S. Tier 1 Operator. Additionally, Linkin Park has included the warrior -inspired song Castle of Glass on their new #1 album, Living Things.
The song looks at the life of a soldier and the forthcoming video elaborates on the many sacrifices they and their families make. Debuting this October, the concept for Linkin Park's Castle of Glass music video is the result of direct collaboration between members of Linkin Park and Danger Close Games. Produced by Digital Domain and Danger Close, the video will feature a unique mix of live action footage edited with gameplay recordings taken from Medal of Honor Warfighter.