Battlefield 3: Armored Kill's Tank Superiority Gameplay Mode Detailed

An all new game mode where tanks reign supreme
Tank Superiority, a new gameplay mode for Battlefield 3, will be introduced with the Armored Kill DLC, DICE announced. In Tank Superiority, platoons featuring Main Battle Tanks and Tank Destroyers fight for control over a single flag often placed in extremely open and hard-defended terrain. The new game mode resembles a "King of the Hill" struggle and is available on all four maps in Armored Kill, each map featuring a mix of up to 16 tanks.
As there is only one flag with a tight capture radius per map, heavy tank battles tend to flow back and forth as teams seek to bleed tickets from their opponent. For tank drivers, success usually comes by staying together in packs of 2-3 tanks working together. Going solo to the capture point typically means you get overwhelmed by a large group of enemy tanks.
To make sure there is plenty of opportunity for epic tank battles, respawn times for the vehicles are almost instantaneous. If you spawn at your home base and don't see a tank, there is usually no reason to start legging it towards the front. A few seconds later, a new tank will appear for you and your team mates.