League of Legends Championship Series Announced and Video

New Pro League is an unprecedented advancement in eSports, featuring the world's top League of Legends players, salaried pro teams, and 100% free, HD broadcasts
Beginning in early 2013, the best players on the planet will compete in the League of Legends Championship Series, Riot Games announced - this is a new professional gaming league with teams from North America, Europe and Asia, multiple regular season matches each week, and HD streaming broadcasts available globally for free.
The top eight teams from both North America and Europe, plus top teams from Asia, will compete for regional and global dominance. Salaries, prize pools and other compensation for Championship Series teams will ensure League of Legends is a sustainable career choice for professional players. eSports fans will get to see teams battling in the traditional format of organized sports a regular season with several matches per week, culminating in regional playoffs and a World Championship, which will crown the world's best League of Legends team.
League of Legends fans will watch Championship Series matches live online with HD broadcast streaming that is always 100% free.
A video is now locally mirrored.