Darksiders II to Feature Arena Survival Mode and New Game+ Functionality/Screens

The game offers a combat arena which will provide the ultimate challenge for Darksiders II players
Along with five fresh screenshots, THQ announced today that Darksiders II will feature a survival arena mode allowing players to continue advancing their character even after finishing the main game. After completing five of the mode's 100 unique waves, gamers will be given the option of taking a prize or continuing for another five waves for a chance at even better items. However, if they fall in combat they will leave with nothing. Only the most skilled players will have what it takes to best all 100 waves and claim the greatest prizes.
In addition to this mode, Darksiders II will feature a New Game+ mode which will allow players to carry over their Death for a new game retaining all of their skills and equipment.
Darksiders II is scheduled to be available for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and PC in August 2012, and a Wii U version is scheduled for release at launch of the Wii U.