Rigonauts Released on Steam and Screens/Trailer

Build your own destiny in a world where anything is possible
Engient has announced that Rigonauts, an award-winner of Activision's first Independent Games Competition, is available now worldwide for PC via Steam. The story of Rigonauts follows a band of small, hapless, yet determined engineering Hobs (as in hobgoblins) as they steal the valiant ship, the Rigo in an attempt to flee the clutches of slavery and their former masters, the Komandants. Just as freedom is within sight, a violent and unexpected storm runs the poor Hobs aground destroying the Rigo and their only hope of escape. Now stranded in a hostile world with their evil masters upon them, the only thing standing between the tiny crew of Rigonauts and certain obliteration is the limits of your engineering imagination.
In this physics-based battle strategy game, you will need to summon your creativity skills to reassemble the Rigo before commanding it and using it to continuously smash through fleets of fantastical foes. If your ship does not withstand the opposing Komandants and their unrelenting attacks, you must redesign and rebuild your vessel to try again.
Rigonauts will be coming soon to Android and iOS - four screenshots and a trailer have been inserted in our download area.