Magicka WOOT DLC Released and Screens

Free new challenge and PvP content gives wizards a sporting chance at gory glory
Along with these screenshots, Paradox Interactive announced that WOOT, a new Magicka DLC (downloadable content), is now available for free. It adds lots of new maps, items, and spells to the Magicka pantheon.
Magicka: WOOT allows players to join their favorite robed rapscallions as they make their way to a wizarding competition, only held once every few centuries in the land of Midgard. Aspiring sorcery athletes can face each other in the "Olympus Onslaught" PvP maps, trying to out-survive one another in the ever-changing Elemental Roulette arena, or try to stave off trench-foot in the Pool of Undeniable Moisture. Once those grudges are settled, wizards of all nations can band together for the Triathlon of Terror, skating across a strangely fiery patch of ice and dodging bottomless pits.

Magicka on PC
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