Firefall eSports Toolkit Announced and Trailer

eSports Toolkit features two modes for spectating, including special tools optimized for shoutcasting
Releasing a video, Red 5 Studios announced the eSports Toolkit for Firefall, a team-based action shooter that thrusts hundreds of players together into a dynamic open world combining competitive multiplayer and large-scale cooperative gameplay. The Firefall eSports Toolkit from Red 5 Studios offers a new "look" at competitive gaming with two feature-packed modes, Observer and Broadcast.
In Observer Mode, anyone can choose to watch matches through an assortment of cameras at their disposal, including the Action Cam, a dynamic top-down camera that calculates where the action is and auto-zooms accordingly; static cameras that can be switched to on-the-fly for a number of easily accessible viewpoints; and selectable player cams that show gameplay focusing on any player.
Broadcast mode includes a number of additional features specifically added for shoutcasters, including replay controls - which allow users to skip forward and back 10 seconds, pause, slow motion and fast forward – a Multi-Camera Preview for linecutting into a broadcast, and built in player stat tracking.
Red 5 will feature the eSports Toolkit at this year’s Gamescom during its 10k Euros Firefall beta tournament hosted by the Electronic Sports League.

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