Wings: Director's Cut Kickstarter Campaign Begins and Trailer

A full HD remake of Cinemaware's classic WWI Amiga game featuring never-before-seen content
Releasing a video, Cinemaware announced a Kickstarter campaign to bring the Amiga-cult classic game Wings to new heights in full, glorious HD graphics and sound. Cinemaware plans a remake with new missions, new story elements, enhanced animations, art and sound and additional music tracks for an ultimate Director's Cut edition. As thousands of fans have requested, the classic gameplay and game structure will remain largely unchanged.
Wings: Director's Cut will be co-developed by Cinemaware in coordination with Raylight Games of Naples, Italy. Raylight are the original developers of Wings and Speedball 2 for the Game Boy Advance, two classic Amiga games. Ken Melville, one of the writers of and composer for the original game, will once again be deeply involved in the game's production, writing and music composition.