Castle Story New Gameplay Trailer

Guided tour of the island developers used for the trailer and formal presentation of the new characters
Sauropod Studio, a two man team based in Montréal, Canada, has released a new gameplay movie from Castle Story, a voxel-based creative strategy game about building castles brick by brick and defending them against enemies. Your goal will be to explore a vast landscape full of mysteries and dangers, and defend your castle against onslaughts of hostile creatures and possibly other players.
The world of Castle Story takes place on flying islands, high above an infinite ocean. The islands are made of voxels, cubes made of various elements, which means you can dig, carve and build anything you can imagine in the landscape. Digging underground to gather resources, stacking bricks on top of each other to build a wall or even tunnelling through a mountain is all possible and even necessary to keep your Bricktrons safe.