Red Johnson's Chronicles - One Against All Announced and Screens/Trailer

Bust 'em. Cuff 'em. Shake 'em down and haul 'em in
NAMCO BANDAI Games and Lexis Numérique have announced a worldwide distribution agreement for the Xbox 360 version of Red Johnson's Chronicles - One Against All - the PS3 edition of the game will be published and distributed by Lexis Numérique on PlayStation Network. The new installment in the Red Johnson series is a puzzle-based investigation game set in a noir universe with dark humour. In the shoes of the detective, Red Johnson’s Chronicles - One Against All players will have to use their brains - as well as Red's - but also many tools to analyze crime scenes and question witnesses. In addition to a new storyline, a new help system has been implemented and motion captured animations have been enhanced.
Red Johnson's Chronicles - One Against All will be released on Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network mid September 2012. Ten screenshots and a teaser video have been inserted in our download area.