Train Simulator 2013 Announced

Sequel to feature joypad control, multiplayer Relay Play, new routes and locomotives, Steam Workshop integration and a host of other features and advancements
At gamescom 2012, announced that Train Simulator 2013, the sequel to Train Simulator 2012, will launch simultaneously worldwide on September 20, 2012. For the first time, Train Simulator 2013 will boast Microsoft Xbox 360 controller compatibility, enabling players to get away from their desks and drive in front of their TVs. Players around the world will also be able combine efforts to complete scenarios via Relay Play. Also for the first time, Steam Workshop will be fully integrated into Train Simulator 2013, allowing users to create and share content with players from all over the world.
In addition to further-enhanced graphics and performance, Train Simulator 2013 features new local content including highly-detailed locomotives and routes, each painstakingly recreated to offer hours of driving challenges. A new interface makes it simpler to select and drive trains on different routes, complete with improved weather effects.