X2 The Threat v1.4 Patch

EgoSoft has issued a new patch for X2 The Threat, bringing this space-sim to v1.4 - you must have v1.2 or v1.3 installed to apply this patch. The update adds the Artificial Life Engine feature, some gameplay tweaks, bugfixes and more (check full article for details). Thanks: 3DGamers. Check out our review for more about the game. GamersHell.com Local Download:
  • X2 The Threat v1.4 US Patch (6.5 MB)
  • X2 The Threat v1.4 EU Patch (12.1 MB)
  • This patch is for X2 - The Threat and updates version 1.2 or 1.3 to 1.4. If you do not have 1.2 or 1.3 installed, you need to apply the update to 1.2 first. This self extracting archive must be extracted to the installation folder of X2-The Threat so it can overwrite the files installed on your PC. For details on the patch and further information please visit the www.egosoft.com online community and see the Readme1.4.rtf document. IMPORTANT NOTES: The first time you load an old savegame, it will have to be converted. This can take a much longer time than normal loading. This is only a one time effect. Save again and the loading time will be normal again. Enjoy your stay in the X universe! Update 1.4 Feature list: IMPORTANT NOTES: * There are several versions of this update for different language and country versions. To make sure you always get the right version of the update, you have to register on our website using the online registration key of your product. Registration will also give you access to additional download content. * This update requires version 1.2 or 1.3 to be already installed. Only older Australian and North American (US and Canada) versions can contain versions below 1.2. All European versions are 1.2 or 1.3 from the start. * Boron Manta and Teladi Toucan TP ships now have the transport class L and thus cannot transport XL goods any more. As a compensation all TS ships have been given more cargo space and maximum speed. If you still have TP ships in your fleet which carry XL goods (e.g. Ore) you will still be able to sell, move and eject them in v1.4. * The first time you load an old 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 or 1.3 savegame, it will have to be converted. This can take a much longer time than normal loading. This is only a one time effect. Save again and the loading time will be normal again. IMPROVEMENTS OVER 1.3: * Artificial Life Engine: AL plugins add atmosphere and life to the X Universe. AL settings can be changed in the Options menu. Existing plugins: - President's End Task Force - Race Patrol - TP Liners * Trading docks and Equipment docks can be bought at shipyards! You can run them like a factory. Goods are added by moving them to the station. Note that you can set only one price for each ware. * The collision avoidance has been improved along with the AI in general. * Advanced players will be able to capture and pilot Khaak ships. * Escort ships now have smoother, more consistent speed * Defend against massive Xenon invasions in a new BBS mission. * Many new filters and additional information in the "Property Owned" menu, and you can jump to the Adjust Station Parameters directly by pressing 'D'. * Suggested minimum product selling price available in the "Adjust Station Parameters" menu. * Fewer notifications about enemy attacks on player property. * Be aware of laser towers! They are much stronger and smarter now. * Player-owned ships will not leave their homebase jump radius any longer. * The station information menu now shows you the required resources per production cycle of your factories. * The Command Console is available in stations, too. Scripters can create new station and ship commands, similar to the ship turret commands (no flight commands). * Announcements in stations and the eject (Shift+E) confirmation can be disabled in the Options menu. * Software (including Best Buys and Best Selling Price Locators), Engine Tunings, Rudder Optimizations and Cargo Bay Extensions will not be destroyed any more during fights. * Police licences will no longer be lost when a 'stray shot' hits a friendly ship. BUGFIX: * FIXED: Several rare crashes * FIXED: Game could freeze when player died * FIXED: Using a joystick with a throttle could make the cockpit judder a lot * FIXED: Memory leak which caused big savegames * FIXED: Sectors in the galaxy map could have green borders although the player has no property there. * FIXED: Various BBS missions updated, specifically no more negative rewards * FIXED: Some missing goods have been added to several Equipment Docks * FIXED: Ships could not dock at the Xenon K * FIXED: H did not open the help menu * FIXED: Shift-J skipped the jump countdown instead of aborting it * FIXED: Releasing the Shift key when typing in input menus could cause double characters * FIXED: Large ships were not shown correctly in warp tunnels * FIXED: Using the parameter -noabout messed up copy protection (nevertheless using -noabout is still not recommended). * FIXED: The main story could get stuck before the mission in Omicron Lyrae. * FIXED: Sometimes the gravidar was not shown correctly when starting a new game or tutorial.