Windforge Trailers

Building-block RPG expected to be available later this year
Developed by Snowed In Studios, Windforge is a 2D building-block Role-Playing Game (RPG) where players are immersed in a world called Cordeus; an exotic sky planet teeming with life and mystery. People don't seem to belong on this world and yet they are thriving by harvesting the planet's resources and forming it to their needs.
The game empowers players with the freedom to create elaborate structures and airships used for exploration and combat in the skies. Players use their skills and creativity to overcome the challenges of Cordeus and embark on a journey of discovery & survival that will carry them to the depths of the planet and beyond.
Among other highlights, the game will feature random, procedurally-generated environments, high-resolution modular 2D graphics and the ability to customize many visual aspects of your character and objects.