Defenders of the Last Colony Released and Screens/Trailer/Demo

A twin Stick shooter with Tower Defense/RTS gameplay mechanics, where you have to protect the Colony's core while you gather resources and build defenses
Knitted Pixels (KP) has announced the release of Defenders of the Last Colony, a Twin Stick Shooter with some RTS or Tower Defense elements where you fight the Starians (some unknown aliens that are attacking the human colonies) while protecting the core of your Colony. You play as one of the two classes in the game: Engineer or Fighter. The Engineer is more focus on building structures (Shields, Turrets, Hives and Sanctuaries), is less expensive for an Engineer to build things and it can create stronger structures as it level up. The Fighter is more focus on fire power, the only structure that can build is the basic shields but it can use up to 3 different attacks (double fire, wide shoot and sniper laser).
Both classes collect blue matter (is what they spend to build structures or to switch to a different shooting type), they can also collect Orbs (to recharge the core of the Colony and be able to jump to the next stage) and Relics (which unlock abilities). As they kill enemies they gain experience to level up and build stronger structures, fly faster and have better shields. When they reach the last Colony and recharge the core they will be able to jump to a safe system unreachable by the Starians.
Six screenshots, a trailer and a demo have been added in our download section.