TERA Argon Queen Update Launched and Screens

Action MMO's largest update yet adds host of new content including dungeons, character abilities, PvP battlegrounds and more
En Masse Entertainment has announced that TERA's all-new Argon Queen update is now live and available free of charge to players. The update adds significant high-level content to the game, including several new dungeons, the highly anticipated PvP battlegrounds, new character abilities and much more.
In the lair of the sinister argon queen, players will invade Manaya's Core to confront the queen in an epic battle that will take both might and skill to survive. In addition to the Manaya’s Core dungeon, two new dungeons - Sirkuja Gallery and Argon Corpus - are revealed with the update, as well as an expanded 20-person raid in the Nexus Traverse. Warrior and lancer classes receive new abilities as well, and the ruthless PvP battlegrounds, in which players compete against each other across servers in action-packed 15-on-15 clashes, are making their debut.
Five screenshots illustrating the Manaya's Core dungeon have been inserted in our gallery.

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