Sleeping Dogs Demo Trailer

As undercover cop Wei Shen, you are tasked with infiltrating and taking down a Triad empire from within
Available to download now on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and Steam, the Sleeping Dogs demo offers gamers a chance to sample this game developed by United Front Games in collaboration with Square Enix London Studios. The demo allows players a chance to jump right into the action and get extensive hands-on with Wei's brutal martial arts skills as he chases down a rival gang member muscling-in on his Triad turf. Gameplay unfolds as Wei pursues his target through the bustling Night Market, vaulting across numerous stalls and packing crates, scaling walls and leaping from buildings before ending in a ruthless rooftop fight. The demo continues with a sneak look at a later level, where gunplay is thrown into the mix as Wei takes on numerous opponents in a dock-side warehouse. Players perform vaults from cover, slowing time for pin-point accuracy, as they track-down their target, letting no man stand in their way.
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