New Free Content Released for Battle Academy

Community-made maps and missions for PC, Mac, and iPad versions
Matrix Games and Slitherine have announced that a free community pack is now available for their tactical strategy game Battle Academy. Getting this new content is quick and easy - jJust select Campaigns->user Content can you can download it drict to your iPad, PC or Mac
In the content pack there are two campaigns, one for single player titled "Crete: Operation Mercury" by "LouisM". You will command German airborne troops during the invasion of Crete in May 1941. Five missions including new units, custom game mechanics, and a brand new tileset bring the battle for the Greek island to life.
The second is a multiplayer Force Selection mission pack titled "Fast & Sneaky" by "GottaLove88s","Enric", and "rf900". This features three force selection maps each offering a different challenge. In Force Selection, players can pick and choose their forces to fight rather than pre-made battlegroups.