Starlight Story Announced and Screens/Trailer

New free-to-play title mixing fantasy and sci-fi
Starlight Story from Aeria Games will play host to a wondrous world in which magic and technology vie for supremacy, and players will be caught in the middle as they embark on a quest to prevent calamity. Starlight Story revolves around a journey to save a dying planet, which requires a finite natural resource to survive. With that resource dwindling, the planet is on a collision course with total annihilation, and players must find a way to prevent impending doom. To aid them in that task, players have access to Superstar transformations, allowing them to assume the form of previously slain bosses. These transformations are far more than cosmetic, temporarily giving players significant stat boosts.
Starlight Story is browser-based and will not require a download, and like all Aeria Games titles, it will be free-to-play. Players can sign up for closed beta now on the official website of the game. Six screenshots and a trailer have been added in our download section.