SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance Released for PC

Sci-Fi twin-stick shooter ready to play
Brain Shape Games announced that SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance is available now via Desura, a premier digital download service, with enhanced graphics, mouse and keyboard support, and several other enhancements only available on PC. SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance comes packed with 36 story based missions, as well as 9 survival missions, 4 ship classes, dozens of ship upgrades, and plenty of couch co-op action for up to 4 players.
The PC version of the game comes in two bundles. The Standard Edition costs $3.99 while the Special Edition costs $4.99. The special edition is packed with a ton of extra: the soundtrack, concept art, pdf printable manual, crew logs, and more. Both editions are on sale for a limited time at 25% off until September 3rd, 2012.