Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD Released for PS3

The best of the first two THPS videogames in one digital title
The PS3 version of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD, a digital title developed by Robomodo, is now available via download on PlayStation Network for $14.99, Activision Publishing announced. THPS HD takes the best elements of the classic THPS games and gives them a fresh update to create an all new skateboarding experience. There are seven classic levels, eight pros, four online multiplayer modes, and the ability to share scores on Facebook. Players pursue the same global and level-specific goals as the original games, including S-K-A-T-E and many more. "Projectives" have been added for the hardcore - brand new objectives for those that complete the traditional ones. The soundtrack is a 50/50 combination of classic THPS tracks (including Goldfinger’s “Superman”) and new songs.
DLC is coming in a few weeks for $4.99 that will include three levels from THPS3, new pros, and more.