Total War Battles: Shogun Released for PC/Mac and Trailer

An enormous depth of tactical gameplay awaits, with a 10-hour plus campaign, bonus challenge missions and a quick-play skirmish mode
SEGA today announced that Total War Battles: Shogun, developed by The Creative Assembly and previously launched for iOS, is now available for download on PC and Mac. Total War Battles: Shogun follows the story of a bereaved young samurai whose hot-headed thirst for revenge quickly embroils him in a war for control of the Shogunate. Players will direct his campaign across Japan in a series of real-time battles, unlocking buildings and units, gaining valuable experience points and upgrading favoured troops as they progress.
Total War Battles: Shogun on PC features Steamworks-specific features, including Achievements, and Leaderboard rankings. Upon purchase, players will also gain instant, free access to the Sendai Clan for Total War: Shogun 2 - Fall of the Samurai, previously available only as a reward upon completion of the mobile version, or as a discrete DLC purchase.
A trailer is now locally mirrored.