Realms Online Client (2012-08-30)

Realms Online pits three realms against each other in large scale PvP warfare
GameSamba has released an updated game client for Realms Online, a Free-2-Play MMORPG known as Regnum Online in Latin American and Europe. Realms Online is an action packed MMORPG focused on Realm vs. Realm combat. After joining one of three warring factions, players can choose from the mage, warrior, or archer class. After reaching level ten, players can further specialize into one of six subclasses. By capturing all of the opposing realms’ forts then invading their territory to capture the sacred gems, the victorious players will be granted a wish. This wish can take many forms, from increased luck to turning one of the players into a powerful demigod for a period of time. Realms Online is also one of the few MMO's that allows players to level up through both PvP and PvE.