Lococycle Voice Talent Announced and PAX Prime 2012 Trailer

Today's criminal requires tomorrow's hero
Twisted Pixel Games has released a new video for Lococycle, a new game scheduled to be available in 2013, exclusively for Xbox 360. I.R.I.S., the female main protagonist of the game, will be voiced by Lisa Foiles who brings her acting chops to the world of Lococycle from Nickelodeon's All That and Disney Channel's Even Stevens. Foiles is extremely active in the video game community and is a perfect fit in the role of the quirky yet crafty assassin.
The sinister S.P.I.K.E. is voiced by none other than Terminator 2's T-1000; Robert Patrick. His gravelly voice and tough guy demeanor fit S.P.I.K.E. perfectly.
The PAX 2012 trailer is also locally mirrored.