Primal Carnage Available for Pre-Order

Buy now to gain access to the Primal Carnage beta and exclusive raptor skin
Lukewarm Media and Reverb Publishing have announced that their upcoming dinos-vs.-humans deathmatch, Primal Carnage, is available now for preorder at the official website. For $14.99, gamers will get a Steam key that will grant them early access to Primal Carnage in the closed beta, as well as an exclusive feathered raptor skin when the game launches later this year.
With Primal Carnage, players hunt and are hunted, and must choose between defending themselves against a slew of deadly prehistoric creatures with an arsenal of today's weapons, or decimating humans into piles of sinew as vicious carnivores of all sizes and variety. Powered by Unreal Engine 3, the game features five unique human classes and five unique dinosaurs.