GUTS Unveiled and Screens/Trailer

Cut through hordes of enemies while the distant screams of electric guitars glorify your power
Devekioed by two men, one of which worked for Blizzard Entertainment for 8 years, GUTS is a game that mixes Diablo-style action with turn-based gameplay. You'll assume the role of a young orphan. A boy who was forged in the furnace of suffering. Be him as he rises up with a big heart ready to avenge his sundering homeworld. You must reclaim that which has been lost for centuries, or die trying. You must be careful - you have one life, lose it and you must start the game from the beginning.
Items and encounters will be random for maximum replay value and the entire game will be playable with just the mouse. Also, GUTS features more than twenty different monsters, each with unique game-changing abilities, and legendary spell effects and game mechanics.
GUTS will retail for $5 - six screenshots and a trailer have been inserted in our download area.
GUTS Trailer (HD) (17.88MB)