Carrier Command: Gaea Mission GameStop Pre-Order Offer

All-new action RTS inspired by classic 1980's original developed for PC and Xbox 360
Rising Star Games has announced that those who pre-order via GameStop the Xbox 360 or Windows PC version of Carrier Command: Gaea Mission before its release date, October 2, 2012, will receive a navy blue limited edition Carrier Command: Gaea Mission branded baseball cap - while supplies last.
Bringing a modern update to the classic 1980's version, Carrier Command: Gaea Mission is a strategy-based game that offers a combination of first- and third-person action. Featuring a storyline set in a massive environment, the game offers more than 30 unique islands hosting six distinct climate zones. Alongside their ragtag crew, players will mount a powerful campaign to control a network of island bases set within the universe. Commanders must manage multiple vehicles in real-time while acquiring and manufacturing upgrades, weapons and enhancements to guarantee victory on the battlefield.