Ghost Recon Online - Arctic Pack Launched and Digital Day 2012 Screens

Take the fight to the wintery cold of Russia
Ubisoft sent us the first screenshots from Arctic Pack, illustrating this first major content expansion to Ghost Recon Online which is now available offering a new Conquest mode map, Tomsk-9, a nuclear reprocessing plant located deep within Russia's arctic circle, in addition to a slew of new equipment items and game improvements.
Developed based the community's feedback, Tomsk-9 is Ghost Recon Online’s largest map. With a symmetrical map layout, the map is designed to offer a balanced, competitive shooter experience for both teams. A series of limited-edition arctic camouflaged weapons will be available for in the in-game store for two weeks. Each class will also have access to new arctic head gear and body armor, available in the in-game store on a permanent basis.
These new items continue the tradition of making items in the game available with both game (Requisition Points) and premium currencies (Ghost Coins). Once purchased, these equipment items will be available to the player on a permanent basis.