Out of Hell 8 September 2012

They didn't get to make their own news
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1. Havok has unveiled that Activision and High Moon Studios used and Havok Animation in Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.

2. Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) today announced that DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket is now available for download through PlayStation Network. The application, which hosts every out-of-market football game every Sunday in high-definition, is available to PlayStation 3 (PS3) system owners without access to DIRECTV for $299.95 ($40 in savings from 2011). Current DIRECTV subscribers with the NFL Sunday Ticket MAX plan can download the application on PS3 free of charge.

3. Stay Dead is a motion picture game developed by BRUCEfilm for PC and Mac. Word is: "Playing our games is like watching the movie ‘Indiana Jones’ and being able to command Indiana inside the scene IN REAL TIME, just like if he was a videogame character. Actually is more like command 'Chuck Norris' or 'Bruce Lee' in one of their action movie, because we tryed to capture that kind of feeling (starting from the strange and colorful foes), but the concept is the same." Visit this website for details.

4. Scheduled for a September release on all iOS devices, Payback 2 features nine game modes, loads of weapons, dozens of vehicles, and events with everything from massive gang battles to rocket car races to epic tank duels.

5. MagicalTimeBean has released Escape Goat in the browser, a fully-featured HTML5 port of the Xbox & PC game. Players can experience an authentic version of the game in a modern browser like Chrome or Firefox, no plugins required. Click here for details.