R.A.W. - Realms of Ancient War Cooperative Trailer

In the co-op mode, two players may join forces to face hordes of monsters
In the works at French studio Wizarbox (creators of So Blonde), R.A.W. - Realms of Ancient War is a fantasy hack 'n' slash that takes you on a continent ravaged by a war that held ten years ago. The four Kingdoms of Men, Elves and Dwarves lay in ruins, preyed on by raiders and looters. In this chaos, a new, unknown threat is looming. You will take control of a powerful Warrior, a dark Wizard or a Rogue master of stealth, and plunge into an adventure featuring over 30 levels which can be played alone or in 2-player co-op.
R.A.W. - Realms of Ancient War will arrive on Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network on September 19th, and on PC on October 4th, 2012.