Darksiders II Wii U Confirmed as Launch Title and Trailer

Wii U edition to include around five hours of additional content
THQ today announced that Darksiders II will be released for the Wii U system at launch and will include additional content not included with other formats. Included on the disc will be the first DLC expansion, Argul's Tomb, as well as all pre-order bonuses from other editions, adding around five hours of playable content and new legendary weapons and armor.
Darksiders II on Wii U will take advantage of Wii U GamePad, utilizing the touch screen to display map and objectives as well as giving quick access to abilities and Death's inventory. The Wii U system's gyro functionality will also be utilized to allow players to evade enemy attacks, manipulate objects in the world and steer their character during swimming and riding sequences.
A new video is now locally mirrored.