Casual Games 13 September 2012 Casual Games added on 13 September 2012
Today we have added the following games to our casual online / downloadable shareware gaming section:

- Games courtesy of Big Fish Games

Fisherman`s Quest Online game. Collect all the fishes!
Railroad Shunting Puzzle 2 Online game. Route the locomotives and wagons to their stations!
Salad Bar Online game. Create healthy salads for your customers!
Train Station Escape Online game. Use your wits to escape the station of trains!
Gardener's Mystery Online game. Solve the Gardeners Mystery!
Planet Defender Online game. Defend the Planet!
Circus Escape Online game. Escape from the circus!
Quantum Online game. Get the Quantum creature to safety with nifty teleportation tricks!
Wooden Rolls Online game. Rotate the wooden rolls!
Cargo Warehouse Escape Online game. Escape the warehouse!
Floors Escape Online game. Advance to the next floor by solving the puzzles! You can pick certain items up and use them from your inventory.
Hexar Online game. Rotate the grid to make matches of the same color
Crystal Balls Hunter Online game. Find all the crystal balls in order to break the curse!
Orange Break Online game. Break all the blocks!
Ricochet Online game. Collect all of the sunbursts!
NoNoSparks: Genesis Online game. Solve puzzles and create an entire world!
2nd Floor Escape Online game. Escape the Bavarian style home
Amy's Restaurant Online game. Help run a summer restaurant!
Mahjong - Castle on Water Online game. Match the blocks
Crazy Freekick Online game. Score a goal.

Check the on-line games if you are after a quick gaming round or wish to take a pause from a frag-fest or days-long Civilization game; Beware though as some of these small flash games may get addictive! For more quick gaming action, we have an archive of over 3600 games on our Casual Games area.