Game Party Champions Screens 16 September 2012

An all-new party on the Wii U offers friends and families arcade fun for all ages
Game Party Champions, a challenging game of skill developed by Phosphor Games, is launching exclusively for Wii U this holiday season. Rendered in HD graphics, the game lets players can compete in classic games such as ping pong and skill ball, and modern favorites such as table hockey and hoop shoot.
Game Party Champions offers three game modes: Quick Play, Story Mode and Party Mode. Players who are hungry for instant action can pick any game and start playing in Quick Play. In Story Mode, players try to outplay each other to prove they're worthy of the "World Champion" title. In Party Mode, players can see if they are champions by taking their turns with the Wii U GamePad, while the others use Wii Remote controllers to grief (wreak havoc) on their game. Players then spin a wheel to see what game they'll play next.
Three additional screenshots found their way in our gallery.