Vampires! Demo

For centuries they have terrorized the humankind but now they need your help
CBE Software, creators of Ghost in the Sheet and J.U.L.I.A, released a playable demo for Vampires!, a fast-paced puzzle game developed for PC, Mac, iOS and selected Android devices. Dawn is coming and weary vampires everywhere are heading home though the labyrinth to their crypts so they may rest for the day. However, vampire hunters have arrived there first and set up traps to swiftly end the life of any poor unsuspecting vampire.
You have to guide vampires to their crypt but, since you can't control the vampires directly, you have to change their environment and use special paranormal skills to help them get to their coffins safely and in time.
Vampires! will be released in Q4/2012 - the Steam Greenlight page is located here.