Fable: The Journey Demo Available Now

Latest installment in the action-adventure series brings new experiences to Kinect for Xbox 360
As promised, Lionhead Studios has released a playable demo of Fable: The Journey giving you the chance to try out this game set to launch on October 9, 2012 in North America, South America, Asia and Australia, and October 12, 2012 in EMEA.
Fable: The Journey immerses players in the tale of a young dweller named Gabriel and follows him on a journey to change his fate and become the hero that battles the corruption that plagues Albion. As the first Fable title built from the ground up on Kinect for Xbox 360, Fable: The Journey features new territories of an expanded Albion alongside bigger and badder enemies. The game also marks the return of Theresa in her fourth Fable game and greatest role as the spark that fuels Gabriel's magical evolution.