Street Fighter X Tekken Mobile Available in App Store and Trailer

Street Fighter x Tekken Mobile features brand new modes and a new take on the tag team mechanic
Capcom announced that Street Fighter x Tekken Mobile, based on the home console release, but with a complete redesign of controls and UI with mobile devices in mind, is available in the App Store from today for the initial promotional price of $2.99. The balanced character roster includes Ryu and Chun-Li from the Street Fighter series, and Kazuya and Nina from the Tekken series.
Street Fighter x Tekken Mobile introduces Gauntlet Mode, where players can put their speed and skill to the test in a timed survival mode.
Players can take on fighters around the world over Wi-Fi, or battle with friends over Bluetooth. The game is compatible with Game Center, so players can work their way up the global Street Fighter x Tekken Mobile rankings.
A trailer is now locally mirrored.