JollyGrim Closed Beta Begins

Card-based real-time strategy & role-playing in a fairy tale world
GameSamba announced today the start of the closed beta test for JollyGrim, a card-based strategy and role-playing game developed by The Pumpkin Betrayal. Set in a world where fairy tales come alive, players enroll as students at the JollyGrimAcademy and wage battles with other players and NPCs using the cards they collect. Unlike other card games, the battles in JollyGrim take place in real time, not in turns.
Each card is treated as a "unit" on the field and features Attack and Defend stats on all four sides, making position and strategy an important aspect of the game. In addition, each card had Health points as well as a cooldown time, so players must learn to defend and block. The cards feature a variety of characters from fairy tales, myths and legends, plus some original ones as well.