Heroes of Newerth Hero Spotlight: Solstice Trailer

New melee, strength hero added to the game
S2 Games has released a new video for Heroes of Newerth, a strategy game where two teams of up to five players each take on the role of special Hero units. Among the tribes of the moon, there lives an elite caste of warriors. Like Krixi, the Moon Queen, these women draw their power from the rays of Lunari. As children of the Moon Goddess, the rays of Sol burn their flesh, forcing them to construct a vessel to channel Lunari's might during the day. The magicks used were so potent that only a chosen warrior, born in perfect balance between light and darkness, could harness its vast power by being forever bonded to her armor. In the night, the chosen can retake her true form and strike from the shadows, free from her confining shell. Be it through strength by day or stealth by night, Solstice, the Lady of Lunari, stands ready to show her enemies what power truly is.
Solstice is a melee, strength hero who excels in close-combat. She is able to scout out her enemies before initiating a wild charge, jumping into the fray. When gloam looms over the canopy of Caldavar, Solstice sheds her heavy armor so that she may slip into the shadows.